Love is Magical

Love is real and very amazing feeling. To love and be loved is the part of it being magical and there are many kinds of love.


From the very moment you came into this world, your are loved already, by whom? of course your parents. Comes after our life, our family is the second greatest gift that we have received. Though some doesn’t live together with their family, the love that gave you life into this world will never be gone and will always be painted into your heart.


Other forms of love is the love we get from our friends. Having person/s to trust is so nice for you have those open ears to listen to you, loud but joyful voice to talk things with you, willing shoulders for you to lean on, sweet hugs to comfort you and a company to be with you in happiness and even in sadness.


There is also this romantic kind of love. This kind of love is somewhat different from what we receive from our family and friends, though there are also some similarities. When we speak of it, of course, the ones which we are referring to is our boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband or someone whom you are a couple with. Being deeply in love with someone is like dreaming. The feeling of having a special person who you know shares the same interest as you and will give you special love, care, and respect is something magical.


Lastly, I think the most important and must everyone give is the love to yourself. You can’t make people love you if even you, don’t love yourself. Above anything else, you must learn your own self especially your strengths and weaknesses for you to also protect yourself against others who want to cause harm to you. You must understand and accept everything in you even your flaws so that others can’t use those against you and make them like all those things about you. Just be yourself, love it and be confident with it because love really is MAGICAL.

via Photo Challenge: Magic